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A Probate Litigation Law Firm Bringing Resolution To Probate Disputes In Fort Lauderdale

Probate litigation typically refers to legal disputes concerning wills, but more broadly it deals with a number of issues regarding disability, aging and death. Besides wills, it might also involve things like conservatorships and guardianships. All of these issues are complex and can involve long, protracted battles. A Stock Broker Misconduct Law Firm In Fort […]

February 19, 2014 , by Walter Mathews


When Worker’s Compensation Can Be Confronted

Workplace injuries are common, and many times, the compensation for your injuries will come from your employer’s insurance. This insurance has a special section for worker’s compensation, but there are many exceptions in injuries when it may be necessary to sue for further compensation. These include: Your Employer Doesn’t Have Worker’s Compensation Insurance A Third […]

February 17, 2014 , by Walter Mathews


What Can A Business Lawyer Do For You In Fort Lauderdale?

A business lawyer can provide several important services to any business, some of which can be critical for success. If you need to settle a dispute, navigate securities arbitrations or decipher the complexities of state and federal regulations, an experienced commercial attorney brings knowledge and expertise to the table that can protect your interests. Mathews Giberson, […]

February 10, 2014 , by Walter Mathews


3 Types Of Intrusion That Reporters Are Guilty Of

Intrusion is often a claim based off news gathering. Reporters often get sued, even when the information isn’t published. To find out more, check out the different types of intrusions here: 1.       Trespassing Trespassing is physically going onto another’s private property without first obtaining the owner’s consent. 2.       Secret Surveillance Using hidden cameras or bugging […]

January 17, 2014 , by Walter Mathews


3 Occasions In Which You Need A Litigation Attorney

Having a litigation attorney isn’t always necessary, but there are a few occasions in which their expertise could be critically beneficial. Here are a few times when you absolutely must contact a litigation attorney: 1.       Will Conflict One of the largest reasons for litigation involving an estate or will comes from discontented heritors. Sometimes there […]

January 15, 2014 , by Walter Mathews

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