Florida Appellate Attorneys

Appellate & Constitutional Law

Experienced throughout Florida District Courts of Appeal and beyond

To meet your needs in this specialized area, we have devoted significant time to appellate advocacy.  We provide a comprehensive understanding of the procedural and jurisdictional nuances of appellate practice and of the nuts and bolts of meeting the diverse requirements of the various courts in which we practice.

We provide a variety of appellate services.  We represent our clients through all stages of the appellate process in cases litigated either by the Firm or by outside counsel, and we also prepare briefs on behalf of outside attorneys to assist them in representing their clients.

We are mindful that the process of preserving error for appeal often involves raising both state and federal constitutional issues at the trial level, and we litigate constitutional issues outside the context of appeals. Contact us today to speak with an experienced Florida appellate attorney about your appeal.

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