Current Investigations

Welfare Benefit Plans Commonly Referred to as 419 Plans

Mathews Giberson LLP is investigating the sale of welfare benefit plans commonly referred to as 419 plans to individuals and companies.  The IRS has sought penalties against individuals and companies of up to $200,000 per year for participating in bogus welfare benefit plans.  Many companies attempted to obtain favorable tax treatment by creating plans that were set up pursuant to IRS Code section 419 (Section 419A(f)6 and Section 419(e)).  Ultimately, the IRS has determined that abusive welfare benefit plans are “listed transactions” which require the participant in the plan to fill out a special IRS form, Form 8886, disclosing participation in a listed transaction.  While not every plan is illegal, the IRS requires that you disclose your investment in the plan.  If you fail to disclose your participation in a plan the penalties can be significant and even more for companies.  If you or your company received a notice from the IRS about penalties and interest regarding your participation in a 419 Plan contact us to discuss your options.  Such plans were sold as 419(e), 419A(f)(6) and 419 plans.

Current Investigation: William John Anderson, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and Tsunami Lake Shore Integrated Fund, LLC

Mathews Giberson LLP is investigating William John Anderson’s role in the sale of Tsunami Lake Shore Integrated Fund, LLC, (“Tsunami Investments”) and other structured products.

William John Anderson is a broker with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in its branch office at 4225 Naperville Road, Suite 255, Central Park of Lisle, IL 60532. Previously, Mr. Anderson worked with Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc., and Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. Mr. Anderson conducted business through Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. Mr. Anderson may have recommended the use of risky hedge funds, private equity funds and fixed income alternative investments including structured products which may have created substantial losses. Anderson may have recommended an investment in Tsunami Lake Integrated Fund, LLC, which was pursued by the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission as a fraudulent investment scam.

If you lost money in Tsunami Lake Shore Integrated Fund, LLC, or other investments sold to you by William John Anderson, please contact an attorney at the law firm of Mathews Giberson LLP for a free case evaluation.

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