Annuity Switching

Variable annuity switching is a common abuse among senior citizens and individuals planning for retirement. The recommended purchase or exchange of a variable annuity requires that a financial advisor must make a reasonable inquiry about a client’s situation before making a recommendation to switch variable annuity contracts. Variable annuity violations are detailed in FINRA Rules and Regulations under FINRA Rule 2330.

The factors that a brokerage firm and their advisor should consider, at a minimum, before making a recommendation include: age; annual income; financial situation and needs; investment experience; investment objectives; intended use of variable annuity; investment time horizon; existing assets; liquid assets; risk tolerance; and tax status. If an advisor recommends the replacement or switch of a variable annuity contract, the advisor should consider the following factors: any surrender charges and/or bonuses received; loss of existing benefits (living or death); any increased annual contract costs; any increases in the surrender charge period; any product enhancements and improvements obtained; whether the customer has replaced another variable annuity within the preceding 36 months; and whether it was funded from an individual retirement account.

Other factors to consider include whether the variable annuities represent a significant portion of the retirement assets held by individual investors; whether there are significant surrender charges and other costs including compensation to the financial advisor for the recommendation; and whether the recommendation of a particular annuity is suitable for the investor.

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