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Toyota Motor Corp. Emerges Unscathed from Prius Brake-Defect Litigation Case

After nearly four years of litigation, a class action case against Toyota Motor Corp. was dismissed after a California federal judge determined that the plaintiff failed to present the proper evince. The suit alleged that certain Prius hybrid cars have defective braking systems. But because attorneys for the consumer plaintiff did not demonstrate that there […]

October 28, 2013 , by Walter Mathews


An Experienced Probate Litigation Attorney Helps Navigate Difficult Disputes

When distributing a large estate that comprises a lot of property as well as bank accounts, there is a good chance that probate litigation will be involved. It is the role of a probate court to identify the various assets of a deceased person, to figure out payment of taxes or various expenses and then […]

October 25, 2013 , by Walter Mathews


An SEC Defense Law Firm Can Help You Weather An SEC Investigation

Hearing that your company is the target of a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) investigation can be both frightening and confusing. Just because your business has done nothing wrong does not mean that you won’t be asked to prove it to the SEC. The problem is, the very fact that you are being investigated can […]

October 21, 2013 , by Walter Mathews


Basic Safety Driving Rules for Professional Truck Drivers

There’s a reason some drivers get nervous when sharing the road with large trucks. Not only are they a lot bigger and heavier than the average passenger vehicle, trucks are also less responsive and take much longer to come to a complete stop. But what the average driver many not know about these massive vehicles […]

October 15, 2013 , by Walter Mathews


An Appeals Attorney Can Help Defendants Navigate The Complicated Appellate System

When someone is convicted at trial and facing a sentence, possibly a long prison term, there are options for appealing that decision. However, the appellate court process is highly technical and requires legal knowledge and expertise. It is always best to consult an attorney who specializes in appeals. Mathews Giberson is a law firm that […]

October 14, 2013 , by Walter Mathews

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