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SEC Defense Lawyer Brings Specialized Legal Expertise In Fort Lauderdale

There is a complicated set of regulations governing the securities industry, which, depending on the specific business, can be covered by about 50 different regulatory agencies, from the Securities Commission of each particular state to the Securities and Exchange Commission and any number of regional exchanges. This means that occasionally, people get unfairly caught up […]

November 25, 2013 , by Walter Mathews


Clueless College Graduate Parks Mother’s $327,000 Maserati in the Middle of the Street

People have been doing some pretty strange, inexplicable things with automobiles for more than a century now.  But according to a short news story out of China, a 22-year-old college graduate may merit special attention for her atrocious parking. A tricky move for some, there’s certainly no shortage of bad parallel parking stories. Some drivers […]

November 12, 2013 , by Walter Mathews


Appeals Court Upholds GM Pension Cuts

100 retired GM executives must make do with much smaller pensions after judges in the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati sided with the automaker.  At the heart of the suit was a dispute over the way pensions were being calculated as part of the bankruptcy and restructuring deal the Obama administration made with […]

November 5, 2013 , by Walter Mathews


Stock Broker Misconduct Law Firm In Fort Lauderdale Can Help Recover Lost Revenue

Stock broker misconduct can come in many different forms, but each of them has the potential to do tremendous harm to investors. If someone has been the victim of stock broker misconduct, a qualified lawyer who specializes in these kinds of cases can help to recover a portion of their losses. Probate Litigation Lawyer And […]

November 4, 2013 , by Walter Mathews

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